Tree Sculpture Yew

This extraordinary tree sculpture is characterised by warm, reddish brown tones with rosé colored accents.

This tree sculpture can be used as a decor element, room partition or equipped with shelves or hooks, as a functional design element.

This wood sculpture is mounted on a solid iron plate and can stand freely in a room.

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Tree Sculpture Bubinga

The tree sculpture Bubinga has  a reddish-brown color with purple accents and chocolate brown veins.

The natural form, in combination with the color range and structure of this precious, rare wood, create an impressive organic sculpture.

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Tree Sculpture Lychee

The unique reddish-brown color of the wood is accented by dark veins that give this tree sculpture a strong, impressive look.

The optional stand made from solid black metal gives the tree sculpture an enormous stability.

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Tree Sculpture Tamarind

The tree sculpture “Tamarind” impresses with unique cloud shaped wood grain with color facets of beige, to reddish brown to black.

Create an eye catcher in your home with the tree sculpture “Tamarind”.

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