Fruitwood Table Apricot

Table Legs Sole

Fruitwood Table Apricot 505

Sustainable Innovation

The first Fruitwood Table is now available from Sun Wood. The Apricot table is the pioneer of our new collection.

The playful grain has a lively look, tempered slightly by a modern form and design. This table, which can be seamlessly integrated into any modern room design concept, is available in many different formats and can be combined with our entire table leg product range.

Sun Wood table tops can be individually combined with all of our table legs.

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Unique – crafted with attention to detail.

Irregularities in colour and surface structure can arise through the use of the natural material wood.

But emphasising the natural grain of the wood is explicitly desired. That is why during the treatment and finishing processes involving the bonded solid spruce boards from local forestry we make sure that knotholes and grains are highlighted and emphasised.

The unique Sun Wood items can have notches, dents and knothole recesses. The focus of surface treatment is to enhance and protect the appearance of the wood and to recreate the beauty of the original tree trunks.

Table Legs Sole

Table Legs Sole


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We offer the matching table extension for all Sun Wood table models. This extension can be seamlessly integrated into the designer table. With just a bit of positioning, the extension can be easily and securely attached on one or both sides of the table.

We recommend our table extension of 60 cm. (24″ in.), creating room for two more dining spaces. If you prefer to remove the extension, there is no visible change to the table.

The extensions pictured are not included in the price list below. You can find more information here.

All of our tables are made by hand. Delivery time is approx. 3 weeks. Additional formats can be found on our Online Shop.