We make it possible – For the sake of our environment!

You can enjoy the beauty of precious woods, while protecting rare wood species!

Since over 40 years, the name Stainer has stood for innovation. A fascination for antique-, precious- and tropical woods led the company founder to develop a special technology, making it possible to reproduce rare woods while preserving the original trees.

Sun Wood by Stainer offers an alternative to harvesting tropical woods in accordance with our motto “Sustainable Innovation”. Sun Wood technology.

We want to provide a sustainable contribution towards nature and the preservation of the rainforest. Through the purchase of 5,000 m² of rainforest in Costa Rica we support the “Rainforest of the Austrians” project, an association established to promote and save the Esquinas Rainforest.
Projects are entirely financed through donations. If you would like, you can also take part in protecting the rainforest.